Ever feel like you missed your big opportunities or lost dreams somewhere along the way?  Does it seem like everyone ELSE is in the race, on course, and you haven’t even made it to START?  I know how you feel!!

I ran a race several years back that changed my perspective on “late starts”.

Every Thanksgiving, the YMCA of Dallas puts on an annual Turkey Trot in the heart of downtown.  It’s 35,000 participants includes runners, walkers and dogs.


I trained to run the Turkey Trot with a best ever race pace.  For months, I worked harder than I had yet, preparing to take my minutes per mile to a new level.

Thanksgiving day came, and I was ready!  However, somehow both Brad and I had miscalculated by half an hour.  We arrived after everyone had started.  I mean everyone; 8 mile runners, 3 mile runners, 3 mile walkers and 3 mile walkers with short legged wienie dogs.

I couldn’t believe it.  This was MY RACE, and I missed the start.  Perplexed, I looked at my husband.  There was no way I was going home without a race.  I secured the timing chip on my shoe, kissed him and took off; the very last.  I weaved and sidestepped, careful not to step on any pooches (or their poop!).  The back of the race was so s – l – o – w.  It was such a picture of life and our dreams!

That day it didn’t matter that I was at the back.  In fact, it ended up being THE most inspiring race I ever ran.  There was no one faster than me that had not already started way ahead of me.  No one passed me, and I continously passed others the entire race.  I wouldn’t recommend running a race that way. But, despite the poop and side step delays, I kicked some serious asphalt that day (and ran my best race pace ever).  runningshoes

Likewise, when you are called to a specific dream, don’t let time or setbacks keep you from going for it.  The course and the obstacles you encounter may be different than you expect, but obstacles are there anyway, so just determine to run the race you are called to and don’t hold anything back!

I’m 46 and only beginning to recognize my unique calling.  It’s not easy, but I’m having an absolute blast!   Like my race, it’s not about when you start or what others are doing in their race.  Just get in yours!  Then, go full throttle, using all that life has trained you with, and go for it.

It’s never too late.  The truth is, your race starts long before you even get to the start line.  Sometimes, that which sets you back, may just be what gives you the edge you didn’t even expect you needed.