You know those days when everything seems to be working against you?  I was having one the other day.  I was entertaining the thought of purchasing tickets for our family to fly to Jamaica so we could “disappear” for a month.

As I daydreamed, a new friend came into my line of vision.  Yoko is from Japan.  She speaks no English, and we’ve only shared bows back and forth with smiles and hugs.  She’d recently started attending our church with her daughter and son in law.

I approached her with a hug and she extended a small decorative bag.  Her daughter Jinko, told me to open it, it was a gift for me.  I opened the bag to find a beautiful hand crafted paper box.  I thought the box was the gift itself until Jinko instructed me to open it.   

Inside, were delicate earrings and a matching necklace.  I could tell she’d taken special care to select the color of blue that matched my eyes.  This was personal; a gift of kindness given out of the goodness of Yoko’s heart.  yoko2

She really didn’t know me, and yet she had taken the time to skillfully design a personal gift for a new friend.

This gracious act brought thoughts that washed over my frustrated frame of mind. What prompted this?  When had I given to anyone so unselfishly?  Had I ever?   What is this woman’s story?  How can I be more like her?  What can I do to thank her in return?

It’s amazing the affect that giving has on our thinking.  It can completely turns our thought patterns from negative and self serving to optimistic with a focus on others.

I’m excited about the gift, but even more so about the new friendships.  I’d love to hear your ideas on how best to let Yoko and her family know how much this impacted me!

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