Bentley_Snowflake9In creation and all it’s complexities, each person is uniquely different as a snowflake.  If man in all our vast knowledge has yet to master the creation of living beings outside of original design, how preposterous to consider that such perfect systems “simply evolved” or “just happened”.

Thank you God for purposely designing creation!  Thank you for creating the sun and moon and stars -our galaxy!  Thank you for placing order in perfectly balanced systems for us to inhabit with such an incredible array of other living creatures.  You are the Master Artisan.  Your design lives and perpetuates day by day.  Your beauty echoes everywhere and cannot be contained; surpassing is the fruit of your creation.  Your magnificence only multiplies with time.  Living things grow and growing things change. And with you God, always, there is MORE.

Thank you that you designed us for relationship with you.  More than the beauty we perceive with our senses, we thank you for the privilege to BE in YOUR PRESENCE.  Being in your presence surpasses all other life experiences.  Oh God, our Maker, we look to you and welcome your presence among us.  We ask fresh and anew; grace us with your abiding Spirit that we may better recognize you above our earthly hindrances -to your glory.

From the finite intricacies of a snowflake to the boundless measures of the galaxies; your wonders never cease.  Thank you God for this new year.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Let Your glory be over all the earth! Psalm 57:5

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