Recently, I listened to Michael Hyatt’s webinar, “The Busy Person’s Guide to Writing a Book” (highly informative, and rich with practical tips, and encouragement).

His final point encouraged listeners to, “Recognize that fear, uncertainty, and doubt are just part of the process.”

I thought back to the prior year when I told others I planned on writing a book.imagesLQ1A23IP

As soon as I began, I felt like I’d signed up to climb Mount Everest.

Was I really doing this? Was I capable? What about my weaknesses, inabilities and inexperience?

Who was I kidding?

Living at the front range of the Colorado Rockies, there are ample opportunities to face “mountainous” challenges.

As Michael spoke, I went into a mental rewind replaying scenes of both my recent mountain experiences and writing challenges.

He cautioned to “know your enemy; resistance”; that invisible force that holds you back from pursuing what you are called to. He addressed 3 contributors to resistance as well as their countermeasures.

It seemed as though Michael had been in my backpack days prior;

At the trailhead.

At the trailhead.


“Seriously? That mountain is steep and the path is rocky.  Umm. No way!”


“I have no writing experience or education. People will laugh at my writings. Forget it.”

*Countermeasure: Start

“I know I can make it to the tree line.”


“I can blog. I have a story. The chapters are outlined and started.”

Uncertainty.  (Overthinking)

From a ledge, I look down. “This is not safe. This is difficult and crazy. I could die!

(My head spins, I loose my lunch and pitifully consider crawling back to safer ground.)


“I write sooo slow. Maybe I’m wasting time.

Too often, we get in our head and out of our hearts.

Barely sitting on an overlook. The height just freaks me out.

(Barely) sitting on an overlook. The height just FREAKS me out!

*Countermeasure: Focus

“Okay if I put my foot here, then I can step on that rock, and then…”

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

“So this page pretty much sucked. (DELETE). But, I have 3 more hours experience.”


I wrestled with doubt a quarter mile from the summit after a six mile ascent. (?!)

Clouds threatened lightening on the other side of the summit, my legs felt like jello, and my nerves were SHOT.

I whined to my daughter, “I just don’t think I can do this Anna.”

There was no foot path; only giant boulders piled against one another leading to the summit.

Anna –“Come on mom. We’re almost there. We can’t stop now.”

My fearless Anna!

My fearless Anna!

I looked at the steep drop below us. “I just don’t know if I can!”

(And I’m supposed to set an example for my daughter. ?!)

A book? Me?”

*Countermeasure: Finish

“Okay Anna, but I’m going slow.” – “That’s okay mom.”

This writing thing takes time and sacrifice.” But I’ve got another chapter.

Others will be impacted by the things you do or don’t do!

I thought reaching Pike’s Peak was the goal.

Maybe it was more about my daughter seeing that fear can either bind, or be overcome.

Starting, staying focused and finishing will take you where you wouldn’t otherwise go.

I look at the mountain now, knowing our footsteps trailed it.

And, I’m happy to say, “Yes, I’m still working on my book.”summit

You won’t regret finishing, but you may regret giving up.

And always, With God, nothing is impossible.”   Luke 1:37