I have a large closet that doubles as my hideaway office.  It’s quiet and secluded.  This is one place I go to get away with God; free from distractions.

I was enjoying being alone with Him when I asked, “God, of all my shoes, which ones are your favorite?”

I know… God is far more concerned with bigger matters than my shoes.

But this was a personal question. I want to know how He sees me personally.  It helps me understand how He sees others.

I look around the closet, wondering which ones He’d pick.  Pumps, sandals, winter boots, cowboy boots, my favorite flats…

My eyes turned to my running shoes.

“I’m thinking it’s either my flats or my running shoes –yeh, no, definitely the running shoes.”

My running shoes are special to me.  That’s what I wear when I’m out on the path, heart pumping; mind clear.

It’s another ‘place’ I go to hear His voice.

My attention is drawn to a pair of bronzed baby shoes. They were my first shoes. I keep them up on a shelf wedged between my favorite pumps.

Mom likes to chide me about them because they’re exceptionally BIG.  They look more like toddler’s shoes than baby shoes. I had big feet.


“Why?”  “I’m not a baby anymore.”

“They’re My favorite because they are what you wore when you learned to walk. You would get back up every time you fell.  They’re a milestone child.”

I love that He calls me –child.

I’m reminded that He was there before I wore shoes. He was there for my first shoes, first heels, and first real running shoes.  He’s always been there, whether or not I realized it.  20140831_125255-1

I’m working on a book in which I share the perspective of God’s constant presence in an ordinary life.

God’s presence has been, and always will be right there beside each one of us. His goodness is evident in every season no matter how dark or lonely.

Wow! We know that in theory, but do we believe it? Can we see it?

Is it possible to get a picture of Christ in our darkest hours?

We cannot presume upon God, but He beckons us to seek Him in all things.

Maybe you too have asked, “God, where were you when —–?”

“Why didn’t You —-?”

God is sovereign and does not need to answer to us. Even so, as we seek Him in all things He simply cannot hide His goodness.

I didn’t want to revisit the dark places of my past. But, as I looked for evidence of Christ’s presence is the good ones, I found He was and is just as present in the darkest hours as well.

I’m continually surprised as God reveals Himself is so many ways –if we’ll just seek Him!!

“You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13 NASB

God doesn’t hide. Look for Him.

Pick up a Bible and listen for His heart. Walk outside and find evidence of Him in His creation.

Lord, give us ears to hear. We want to know what You have to say to us.

Author Note –Anything I share of what I ‘hear’ from the Lord is not based on words. I hear with impressions and concepts that I merely attempt to attach words too. Any error of wording or accuracy falls entirely of my feeble attempts to share to the best of my ability the goodness of what I receive.