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Praise for The Girl Who Walked in the Shadow of the King

The enemy works overtime to convince us that we’ve been abandoned, or that we’ve failed too many times to be forgiven, or that we’re too broken to ever be healed. But as Shelly’s story so beautifully reveals, that’s not what’s going on. Shelly’s story will inspire women at every point in their journeys, whether they are seekers, new believers, or seasoned women of faith dealing with brokenness in their own lives.

Sheri Miller

Director of the Women Ministry Leadership Team , Springs Church, Colorado Springs

Shelly’s is a powerful story of redemption and restoration. I’ve personally walked with her over two decades as she’s not only experienced victory in her own life, but empowered others to do the same. As a pastor, I’ve told Shelly’s story countless times in ministering to men and women choosing to lay hold of freedom in Christ, and I know that her story in print will impact even more lives. As Shelly’s life so beautifully illustrates, there is freedom and healing in Christ—for all of us.

Steve Collins

Founding Pastor, Church Eleven 32

I’ve never read a book with such fascination and interest, wondering how God was going to work in, and speak into, the life of its author. If you need encouragement that God is ALWAYS THERE, I’d encourage you to seek Him with your whole heart, as Shelly does, and you’ll hear His still, small voice whispering to you, too.

Eric Elder

Author, St. Nicholas: The Believer

I loved this story. And what I loved most of all is that Shelly gives us a peak into the unseen Kingdom realm where God is fighting for us—and what she shows us is wonderful and powerful. The tenacity of God’s redemptive plans for each of us is unrelenting. He never “writes us off.”  Even when we don’t see it, He is there, continuing to pursue us for the purpose of redeeming and healing us.

Sheri Miller

Director of the Women Ministry Leadership Team, Springs Church, Colorado Springs

The names of God reveal so much about who He is, and one of the things that resonated with me about Shelly’s story is that it so beautifully reflects this truth. Shelly paints beautiful portraits that showcase the names and facets of God. When we come into the presence of the Lord, acknowledging all that He is—Savior, Protector, Shepherd, King—our time with Him is enriched in every way. Shelly has experienced this in her life, and we can too.

Gaylyn Williams

Author of 2031 Names of God

I absolutely love Shelly’s imagery of God’s presence, His thoughts, and His pursuit of our hearts even when life hurts. I’m reminded of the beloved poem “Footprints in the Sand” that has resonated with folks for years.  Shelly’s story elaborates on that idea by giving us a glimpse of how God loves and carries us no matter what our circumstances, and even if we have yet to recognize that He has been there all along.

Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Radio Host of All Things Southern, Author, and Speaker

What’s Your Story?

Merry T

I was a happy child, full of joy and childlike faith. I loved Jesus.

Things changed when as an adult I took my eyes off the Lord. I was married to a good man who adored me. We had three beautiful children, and a good life.

Kacie B

Everything I knew was a picture of unfaithfulness. I had been sexually abused when I was three, my parents were divorced when I was 7, and I chose a lifestyle of sin to cope with my pain. 


I used to be one of those guys who didn’t care about anyone or anything but myself and I wanted nothing to do with God.

If God was real I figured He had to be a cold heartless son of a gun. I’d seen too much pain and heartache watching my Dad suffer in and out of the hospital for years.

My Dad was a quiet man; the kind who walked tall and carried a big stick. 

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