I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Shelly, a family woman, writer and small business owner. Hiking in the Colorado Rockies, working with different age groups and exploring new trails are some of my favorite things to do. I like coffee ice cream and sharing an afternoon by a fire with a good book or a friend. Even more than these, I love hearing people’s stories and finding the thread of Jesus in each. He’s always there -even if we don’t recognize Him. 

 The good looking man in the photo is my husband Brad. We’ve journeyed together over 30 years in marriage. Along the way we’ve gained three incredible kids. We have a story too. 

My hope is that while you’re here, you find Kingdom perspective, refreshment for your soul and encouragement as you progress forward in your most worth journey -life


Please let me know you were here and where you are on your journey. I would LOVE to hear your story.  You are welcome to leave a comment or email me directly; shelly@shellybusby.com. 

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And this is Jack. Everyone loves Jack.