Step into Your Dream

Are you a risk taker?  Do you like to venture out without a plan or agenda?

Not me.  I like security.  I want to know what the plan is.  Even as a runner, I want to know what route to take, how far I will be going and what the conditions are.

I’ve found that where plans are concerned, God has a sense of humor.

A year ago during a time of earnestly seeking Him for direction of my future I had a vivid dream.  It was about my church and my relationship to it.  Our church is a huge part of our family’s life.  It was deeply personal, so I wrote it down.

The dream stirred in me an expectation that something new and fresh was awaiting.  I have revisited the dream many times over the last year.  A year later, almost to the day, I was telling the dream to a friend when it hit me that I had missed one very obvious point.  In fact, I’d missed the main point of the dream.

First, a little about me and my people -our church:

I LOVE our church. It has been our family for the past 18 years.  It’s the people we do life with.    This is our home and our people.  It’s where we have grown as individuals.

It’s also where I happen to “work”.  I love the people I work with.  My role on staff has caused me grow in knowledge, understanding and care for others. I could not have asked for a better opportunity than I have lived the last 2 decades.

So… the dream.

I was in the company of my people.  Many good, Godly things were happening.  For some unexplainable reason I was compelled to leave.  I was perplexed.  Why leave?  These are my people, great things were happening.

I began to suffocate as I delayed.    It didn’t make sense.  I resisted, not knowing why or where I was to go.

Finally, out of desperation, I surrendered and stepped out.  At once, my lungs filled with fresh air.  I looked around me, and my vision sharpened.  I saw things in color. I realized I hadn’t seen color in a while.  Everything around me was fresh and new.  There were things I had lost sight of.   I understood it was not about the place itself, but I myself had come to a state of familiarity and ambiguity.

Then, immediately beside me, I found a carpet like apparatus floating inches about the ground.  Something like an Aladdin carpet (for lack of better wording, I’ll refer to it as the wing of faith).  Curious, I stepped onto the wing. It was a strange sensation, but so exciting!  Right way, I found that anywhere I set my vision, I went. I set out for the ocean, ready to explore the places I longed to go.  com.tinilab.afterphotowatchyourstep - Copy

Freedom.  Mobility.  Adventure.  I was no longer stagnant.

However, I realized that I needed to use caution where I set my sights, for I soon encountered dangerous places and people.  Not acknowledging the inner caution, I stepped off the wing onto the shore to feel the water on the sand.  I didn’t heed the signs.  Darkness came quickly with a stifling stillness.

Without warning, the tide quickly pulled me down and out.  I flung about gasping for air, no match for the great pull of the sea.  I’d lost sight of all but the dark water swallowing me.  In desperation, and on the verge of drowning, I let out a wordless cry.  The silent wing was at once there extracting me out.  I set my feet once again on the safety of faith.

Seeking wisdom, I returned to the point at which I first set out.

Upon returning, I found my husband, who was ready to set out as well.  Momentarily tempted to go back into the comfortable place; we resisted.  We understood we had entered a season of journey.  Direction was revealed outside -in the light of clarity.

We united, committing ourselves to the journey.  We spent a short time becoming familiar with this “faith”.  At this point, faith took on a different form.  We each had a packet.  Later, I recognized it to be the word of God.

Holding on to our packets, we could hold nothing else.

We set out, this time soaring far above the comfort of the land.  No longer could I step off and walk on my own.  As we continued upward it was increasingly more difficult to maintain our vision of where we thought we ought to go.

It was as if the packets were the driving force, directing our course. Despite all our unanswered questions, there was absolute peace and fantastic joy, freedom and mobility.  We knew we were on the correct path.  High above the land we continued, tightly holding on to the Word nestled at our chests.  We were swept into the jet stream.  It was then I understood; this was about the journey far more than the destination.

A loud beeping interrupted this amazing journey.  My alarm.  No! I willed myself back into the dream, to no avail.

I would like to say the dream ended with a disclosure of where we were to go, or even why.  For a whole year, I have done nothing.

I revisited the dream numerous times over the last year. In a year of many changes, reflecting on the dream brought me comfort.

One night I was telling a friend about the dream.  When I finished, my friend Vickie tilted her head, raised her eyebrows pleasantly, and matter-of-factly asked, “Oh.  So you mean you didn’t know what to do or where to go until you stepped out, huh?”.

In that instant, it was as if the entire dream crystalized within me.

Faith invites you to step out from the gray fog of familiarity and ambiguity before you can see clearly and proceed on the journey of faith.  Only after you take that first step do you gain clarity and direction to take further steps.  You must take initial steps to gain vision.  Faith is the vehicle by which you otherwise cannot go.

Even as I write, it sounds risky to step out unto unfamiliar territory.  I want a plan.  A specific place to go to; a role to fulfill, a means to get there.  Or …I can choose to trust in God and recognize that to date; every place He has led me, I would not have gone on my own left to my own logic and reasoning.

Planning and preparation are good, but sometimes we are called to step outside of all that we have known to embrace that which we are called to.  A good season must end before a better one begins.

In due season, you just know that it’s time, and it’s right.  For me, the time is now, and to hesitate is to suffocate and miss the invitation to the journey by faith thru surrender and obedience.

I am being stretched.   It’s one thing to experience this these truths in a dream, but quite another to walk in out.

Abraham was called from a land that he and his family had prospered in to an unknown land by an unnamed God whom he couldn’t see or audibly hear.  On the journey, they settled for a season in Haran, a place of abundance where He prospered greatly.  Surely he was tempted to remain in that good place.

By faith he picked up his family and pursued God’s call to further follow Him to the place he did not know that God would show him.

What about you?  In what ways are you taking steps of faith?  Have you become stagnant like me?  Are you hungry enough to take a bold step?  What does that look like for you?

What was the last thing God put on your heart to do, and have you done it?  Is there a business or ministry you are called to serve in or even start?  Do you have a skill or talent that is not being utilized? Have you withheld forgiveness?  Maybe there’s someone you know, whom you need to reach out too.

Be bold!  The Word says, “and without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”  Hebrews 11:6

Don’t get stuck in safety and comfort. Go explore something new.  Nothing ventured truly is nothing gained.  Do something todayAnything, just do something.

Leave a comment.  I’d love to hear what God is stirring in you!!

63 thoughts on “Step into Your Dream

  1. This has really been a huge eye opener for me. I have been stirred by the Holy Spirit for some time now, messages seen, little things here and there telling me that I have something that I have in life, to do for the Lord, but what? Stand still, He says and listen, but as of yet, I have heard nothing.
    I realize it will come in HIS time, but I am feel like I am in limbo and walking around like a zombie waiting it out. I am, however, doing something different, I am in the music industry, not deep, just starting out, doing some video and audio. I was in the rock/country genre until around three weeks ago and happened to come across a friend of mine that I have not spoken to in almost ten years. She and her husband have had a religious singing group for six years. Her stepson is how I happen to see her again. I have been trying to get some gigs for him and his singing partner and found out that she was his stepmother.
    She and I were very close at one time, but she got married and moved out of town and we lost touch. I was going through a really bad ordeal at that time and her life took a different road. She was such a rock in my life back then and now that we have found each other, it is like we never lost touch. I have now started videoing her group singing and starting with trying to get that category of genre into my business. I believe it could really work and help me in my walk of life also.
    I am still at a loss of what I am suppose to do, because this is not it, but I know I have to be patient and I am learning to be that way. Like you, I have always had a plan and planned everything out when I traveled down to a tee, but this is not planned and I have no idea where it is going to go. I have stepped out, with the music industry and I was scared to death, but I am taking one day at a time with it. I was two months into this that I found myself with this heartfelt message that I have a calling for something more to do and I have such a feeling it has something to do with the music business, but what, HE has not told me yet.
    You are such an inspiration and thank you so much for your message. It has helped me in so many ways. You have no idea how crazy I have become thinking that I waiting on something that wasn’t going to come, now I KNOW it will and I just have to be still…..

  2. You may be a newbie blogger/writer, but you did a wonderful job here and I am in the very spot you describried It brought a lot of clarity

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  4. Shelly –

    I have come here from Eric Elder’s “This Week’s Sermon” from last Sunday, in which you shared your “transitions” from what you’ve been doing to what you think you want to do now. I read it last Sunday, one week ago; came here & read this blog post, and have been thinking about both writings all week long, trying to decide whether to comment here to you, or not.

    I haven’t had the time to look and see how much you’ve been blogging here, but will do so. Meanwhile, as a (nearly now?!) life-long writer, I offer some advice. I write from a Christian perspective. Not all of my writings have been Christian writings, per se, but from that foundation.

    I am now “retired,” from working full-time, but still write. I have had several careers, beginning with being a full time wife & mother, then a Community Editor/Journalist/Columnist for a small town daily newspaper, then a “non-traditional” university student & personal columnist for the school newspaper, and then an insurance solicitor for a national insurance company. That led me to a job in the company on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Biloxi as an insurance claims rep (the oft hated insurance adjuster – ha!).

    From there, at 44 years old, I went to law school in New Orleans at Loyola School of Law, New Orleans and became an attorney in Louisiana. I had to stop because of physical disabilities, but started blogging in Feb. 2005 and did so avidly until about three years ago, writing sometimes several times a week, but usually twice a week or so. I blogged steadily for more than eight years and developed a large, mostly Christian, following with readers from not only all over the U. S., but some other places, as well. It became a wonderful Christian community composed of many women, but also a lot of men, some ministers, even.

    That led to Facebook, where nearly all of my online and personal blog readers and other Christian friends and family now gather to share our lives with one another.

    I say all of this to say to you – if you want to be a writer (despite the fact that you say you have no particular education or experience for it), you are going to have to get off your duff and START WRITING!! Daily! Writing is WORK, not inspiration! It’s something that you have to set your mind to do, and do it! You seem to be stuck in this “transition” thing you’ve got going on that is really fear and laziness. God has already given you whatever talent you have, and NOW it’s up to you to USE it, to SEE if you can develop it into something more. God’s there. Where are YOU?!

    You said in your essay for Eric:

    “In March, I asked for the Pastors’ blessing to step out of my role to pursue writing. It was scary as I have no writing “experience” or education.
    I’ve been tempted to write and blog and post on Facebook telling what God is doing.
    But God said, “No. Not yet.”
    At first I felt naked. I love PEOPLE, especially my people. “What will they think?” God, this is very anti-social.
    Then I felt lonely. “Does anyone even care that I’m not there?”


    You’ve been “tempted” to write “and blog and post on Facebook telling what God is doing?!” Satan is tempting you to NOT do those things, for goodness sakes!!!!!! DO IT!!!!!

    I don’t mean to discourage you or to sound mean – not at all. I hope I’m not offending you or sounding critical, because that is not my intent. I’m sitting here looking at your lovely photo to the left on my computer screen, and you are a beautiful young woman. YOU CAN DO THIS!! Jump in there. Jump in the water and get wet and write!!

    Read and consider and pray about what I’ve said to you here and then come find me and we’ll talk some more, okay?! I’m around all over the place, for sure – ha! My blog, if you’d like to search back through the index on the right side, has TONS of material you are more than welcome to borrow from and/or steal! Check it out at: “” named “Finding Direction: The Wind Vane Chronicles.”

    I’m also on FB, if you’d like to be my friend. Just look up Dee Ann Andrews, Picayune, MS.

    May God richly bless you in your journey and transitions, Shelly. Truly.

    Dee (Andrews)

    P. S. Do you live in Texas? I’m a Texan.

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  15. Thank you Cheryl! You’re such an encouragement. I am TRANSITIONING working in a new role. Writing has taken brief PAUSE. I just read your comment and was thrilled that anyone read it! Wow. Thank you!!!

  16. TK, I was THRILLED to read your feedback. I join your prayers for all that lays ahead for you and Father on the path He’s leading you down. It sounds like you’re right on track. Isn’t it crazy how things just fall into place that we never can forsee -but He does?!
    It’s exciting, though the journey stretches us.
    Joy to you -please keep me posted. I’ll be praying for you!

  17. Charlie,
    Thank you for your kind words; what an encouragement. It is new to say ANY comments, so I never check.
    I was so encouraged to read your feedback. Thank you.
    And may the journey be a delightful adventure as you pursue every step with Father’s lead.
    Have a great week!

  18. Dee,
    Oh my goodness. What can I say to your comment but BINGO. It really hit home. I am grateful for your boldness. (I just read tonight –err this morning.)
    In this transition state I have taken a job to keep steady the income (my excuse for being so busy not to write). Your words were straightforward.
    They landed well and were just EXACTLY what I needed to hear.
    Yes Dee, thank you.

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